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Quickly and easily calculate waypoint ETAs for enroute navigation flight planning and tracking

Plan your waypoint arrival time estimates when convenient for you

Simply enter your waypoint enroute times from your flight plan while conducting your preflight planning.

Compare the running total time against your flight plan enroute time to verify your entries conveniently before departure.

After departure, enter your actual time off the ground and the waypoint estimates will be calculated and presented for easy flight plan log entry.

Track your progress enroute

Gain or lose a few minutes while airborne? You can quickly and easily update your waypoint ETAs while enroute with convenient increment and decrement buttons in the flight time log. 

Never miss another plot

Set alarms for approaching a waypoint ETA, at a waypoint ETA and 10 minutes past a waypoint ETA to remind you to perform notations, plots or any other regulatory requirement. Alarms can be enabled or deactivated for any waypoint ETA by selecting the alarm icons on the flight time log.

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