Makai Update Version 1.1.1 Released on the App Store

Aug 3, 2020

Makai update version 1.1.1 has been released on the App Store. Makai is an iOS application designed to simplify aviation flight plan calculations, entries and tracking.

This update to Makai adds new user instructions to showcase Makai’s functionality and enhances usability and flight log readability on iPhone or when multitasking on iPad.

About Makai:

ReducIng pilot workload after departure is critical to flight safety. Makai allows pilots to enter flight plan leg times before departure. After departure, Makai automatically calculates waypoint ETAs after entering the actual time of departure. This eliminates manual ETA calculations while airborne, greatly reducing pilot workload and calculation errors.

Makai also helps pilots track waypoint arrival times and comply with waypoint procedures while en route. Pilots can set alarms for:

  • Approaching a waypoint ETA
  • Reaching a waypoint ETA
  • 10 minutes past a waypoint ETA

Makai aims to simplify the process required for flight plan following. It was designed in close cooperation with long haul, overwater pilots and refined to provide a simple way to improve pilot workflows and enhance safety.

Makai is now available for iPad and iPhone on the App Store.